Identifying Signatures on Australian Banknotes and the Combinations

A great tool to use when trying to find out the rarity of your banknotes and whether they are first or last prefix is a website called Australian Banknote Checker. One of the required selections is knowing the signatures on the notes.

Identifying signatures is difficult at the best of times let alone trying to distinguish the flowing script and small size on our banknotes. 

Below is a quick guide to help you with this task.


H.C. Coombs and R.J. Randall

J.G. Phillips and R.J. Randall

J.G. Phillips and F.H. Wheeler

H.M. Knight and F.H. Wheeler 

H.M. Knight and J. Stone

R.A. Johnston and J. Stone

R.A. Johnston and B.W. Fraser

M.J. Phillips and B.W. Fraser

B.W. Fraser and C.I. Higgins

B.W. Fraser and A.S. Cole

B.W. Fraser and E.A. Evans

I Macfarlane and E.A. Evans

I. Macfarlane and K.Henry

Glenn R. Stevens and K Henry

Glenn R. Stevens and Martin Parkinson